Storing Sports Cards & Memorabilia

Published on 1/27/2020
Collecting sports memorabilia usually starts at a young age. Most people also look to pass down their collectibles to future generations. What memorabilia you have is just as important as the condition it stays in. You want to keep that Bernie Kosar jersey, Jim Thome rookie card and LeBron James basketball in tip top shape. Here are a few tips for storing them. 
Keep them in a proper frame, case or card holder. This is important to keep the surface clean and keep the item safe. Top loaders and binders work great for cards. baseballs, football and basketballs are best kept inside an acrylic case. Keeping the items out of sunlight can be key for long term preservation. A self storage unit can be ideal for this. Storage bins and totes can be ideal for storing and stacking. Make sure you have enough space and labels will save time down the road. A little planning and prep work will keep your valuable collectibles safe for a long time! 
Don't hesitate to reach out for additional tips or for any questions. 
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